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Adding a bathroom to your home not only makes your life easier but also boosts the value of your property. If you have turned your finished basement into a bedroom, gaming room, or exercise room, a bathroom lets you enjoy that space without having to march upstairs when you get a call from nature.

As smart as this home improvement idea seems like building a bathroom in your home can sometimes call for several issues. Like below the ground, plumbing projects are more complicated than those on the upper floor. Address these issues before you start, and you should go off without any glitches.

Drainage Consideration

Drainage is the most common issue when adding a bathroom to your home. In a basement space, there must be enough space for fall to drain in the sink, tub, and shower.

While inspecting your home for new bathroom installation, our team at Fraserview Roofing and Renovations will consider two main issues:

Plumbing issues

If your existing bathroom space is deep enough to fall for drainage, bathroom construction can be relatively easy.

If not, you will have to consider some alternative options for the standard gravity-fed bathroom toilet.

Pipe size

If your existing drainage pipes are small, you need to change these pipes. You should use one that allows more space for the easy flow of bathroom drainage.

Toilet Options

Depending on your existing plumbing, you have several choices for your new bathroom toilet.

Pressure-assistance Toilet

Although your drainage lines may mechanically be deep for gravity-fed plumbing, the fall isn’t still as good in the basement as it is on the upper floor. Instead of clogging risks associated with standard plumbing, choose a pressure-assisted toilet that uses air pressure to force water through the drainage pipes.

Up flashing Bathroom Toilet

An up flashing toilet is a self-contained system that sits on the floor, so you don’t have to do any excavation to install it. It is one of the simplest options for adding a bathroom to your home.

Sewage-ejector system

We designed these systems to pump sewage upwards to the sewer tank. They are like small septic tanks in that they hold the waste for a temporary period. They come in both underground and above ground systems. Your sink and a bathtub can also drain into this tank system.

Installing a bathtub or shower

Installation of a bathtub and shower comes with the same concerns as installing a toilet. You may need to break up the floor to install the plumbing for a bathtub.

If you have plumbing stubs available, you can install a shower as you would in any other bathroom. If not, then you can connect it to your flush toilet or sewage-ejector system.

Lighting in the bathroom

Good lighting in your bathroom is essential. If you are locating your bathroom against the ground exterior wall, use the opportunity to bring the natural light into your home bathroom.

Adding a bathroom to your basement areas gives an extra touch that makes them feel just like any other room of your house. By decorating your bathroom with the right layout and fixtures, you can have the same luxury as the main bathroom.

To get your bathroom in place as quickly, affordably, and conveniently as possible, hire Fraserview Roofing and Renovations expert team for professional plumbing services.

If you are ready to add a bathroom to your home, contact us today.